We are beyond excited to return to dance and are ECSTATIC about the tons of safety measures we have put into place!!

*closed lobby
*fans at all entrance/exits
*no dance bags
*no water bottles
*no food
*temperature checks BEFORE coming in
*hand sanitize on the way in and out
*individual dance squares taped out to guarantee kids stay 6 ft apart
*personal shoe cubbies
*COLD ECDE water
*Water charged to accounts so no reason to bring actual money!  ***IF WE CAN GET THE WATER DONATED IT WILL BE FREE.*** 
~To ensure extra caution we want NOTHING coming from anyone's homes!  

We have used this time to work very hard to make the end of 2019-2020 PERFECT and the beginning of our 20th year ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!!  WE CANNOT WAIT TO SEE ALL OF YOU!!! 

***Not quite comfortable with your dancer returning to the studio? NO PROBLEM!! Send me a direct message so I can share with you how your dancer can remain completely involved!!!***

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